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Oh, Brother - Movie poster


Movie Poster Design, Festival Invitation Design, Logo Design, Photography,

Graphics & Animation

Written, Directed, Produced & Animated by Rhonny Tufino | Year 2014

About "OH, BROTHER" Short Film: Written & Directed by Rhonny Tufino, “Oh, Brother” is a romantic comedy mentored by renowned legendary director and chair of MPS Live Action Short Film at The School of Visual Arts, BOB GIRALDI.

Synopsis: Identical twin brothers, Christian and Brayden, experience living independently for the first time in New York City. Despite their similar physical appearance, their personalities are completely different.

While settling in the new city, Brayden encounters a charming girl named Sarah, who seems to really enjoy his company. Christian takes advantage of this situation and pretends to be his brother Brayden to get with Sarah. Nothing good can come out of this.

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